Choosing a website design can be hard. At first we hone in on other people’s websites and admire how pretty they are or how appealing… and we say ‘I want one like THAT!’


But website fashions come and go – just like everything else, and the design is NOT where to start. To create a website with staying power, we need so much more than the pastel shades or the glorious script font.


The purpose of a website isn’t only for people to admire the branding and how pretty it is. The purpose of a website is for you to connect deeply with your perfect clients. It is for you to express your unique brand message loud and clear to the perfect clients you love to work with, so that they are excited to work with you – and will take action NOW.

Of course you want great website design that will appeal to those glorious perfect clients, but there are two other essentials that make up the secret sauce of a great website that actually works…


So what are these ingredients, you ask!


The first is a great BRAND…


You see, it’s a great Brand that is the foundation of a business with longevity and power. A Brand builds trust, authority and fame. A Brand is a symbol that you can trust to provide consistency.


Your Brand is built to appeal to exactly who you want to work with and expresses how you can give them exactly what they need in a special way that is unique to you.


You have probably heard about choosing a ‘niche’ and it is important that you do. Your website message needs to be honed and be specific to attract only those you want to work with. When we try to sell to everyone our message becomes weak and we end up appealing to no-one.


But when it comes to marketing and websites, even clarity of Brand is not enough. We need to express that brand through language…

We also need great COPY… 


We need to express our core brand messaging with compelling clarity – ensuring it’s what our perfect clients want to hear. We need to show them that we understand them and understand what they are missing in their life. We need to use language that entices them. We need to show them how we can make their lives better AND the reasons we will do it best. 


Copy really is queen when it comes to websites. Copy is the secret sauce that motivates and inspires… that empowers and moves people to action.


In a nutshell, the best websites have it all – brilliant brands, captivating copy, as well as delicious design.


It is this combination that compels your perfect clients to take action on your website.


When your website consistently reinforces your brand and makes it clear about who you work with, by speaking to those people in a way they love – not just on the website header, but throughout all of the website design and copy, when your perfect clients reach your website, it feels like home. Those perfect clients will always feel confident you are the right provider for them because your website makes it so… and the natural next step for them becomes to book a call or click to buy. 


This is the secret sauce that compels people to take action on your website. When you express a clear Brand through captivating copy, that consistently speaks to their needs in a way that shows them that you understand them… AND you offer them a solution that solves their problems or meets their highest needs, then you compel them to take action with you because your offer becomes irresistible to them and you become their only choice.

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