Hey there! Would you like a MAGICAL NEW WEBSITE to house your BIG ideas?
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web design for spiritual healers

Give me a few hours of your time and I’ll create for you a beautifully branded, winning website SO THAT you can drop the overwhelm, optimise your impact AND yes, your friends will secretly admire the heck out of you too!’

“I believe that thousands of incredibly purposeful healers, coaches, & passionate change-makers are missing out on countless new clients and supporters right now – at a price point that reflects their value – because they don’t have a branded website that clearly & persuasively communicates their authority, mission, knowledge and message.

As a result, it’s leaving them feeling frustrated, discouraged, overworked, and probably underpaid.

My mission is to support these aspiring leaders fulfil their heart-felt destiny with much greater ease & flow.”

– Claire Smith


“Claire’s magically creative ability has made my website flow and sparkle! She used her talent to infuse my energy throughout the site! I have never been happier and so excited about it!

If you’re looking for someone to turn up your identity online who is able to listen and understand who you are and what you do, Claire is your answer! She has a flare for truly connecting to your magic and translating that into your website.”

– Shelley, Shelley In Grace


Create an aligned brand mission that inspires you to be your best. Live your brand values keeping you focused on fulfilling service to others.

Create meaning and trust for others and help more people to finally discover who you really are and how you can transform their lives.

Have people talking about your brand much more often, as people share your brand with others. Grow your email list, drive more people to your social media profiles & enjoy more quality clients that you love to work with.

Built from the core of who you are, & through crystal clarity, you forge a clear path for your unique and exciting Brand to grow. Cultivated from your heart, and in alignment with your purpose, this is what great brands are made of!

Is This You?

Right now, perhaps you don’t have a stunning and engaging website that reflects your vision and you don’t have clarity around your brand, and whilst you appreciate you need to get visible online, you feel lost in your messaging and direction.

So whilst you’d love a winning website that works, to propel your success to new heights, you haven’t got the time or patience to figure it out and frankly you’re not sure where to start. The thought is overwhelming, so instead, you procrastinate like a pro.

Yet whilst you are amazing at what you do and you’re smart and these are your strengths, you need an alternative to loitering if you want to create that significant change, impact in the world AND build greater success.

I understand how it is, that online marketing stuff is not your thing and it feels overwhelming, and that’s why you need a ‘hold-your-hand-every-step-of the-way’ Winning Website System.

Just for a moment, imagine passing the marketing baton to someone who cares for your business as much as you do and who is willing to put everything into creating a website vision that reflects who you are and is expressed visually in a way that you love…

A creative partner who gets it and gets you and your dream business… who takes the time to understand you and helps you put into words what you now only can feel. 

Well my inspiring friend, now you can! I know you’re a leader with a passion to do good, and I’m passionate about working with people just like you. Together we will develop great ideas and create a website that inspires more fulfilment, joy and success for you and for those whose lives you touch.

Let me tell you – helping you to clarify and achieve your vision makes me feel alive & it will be a privilege to support you on your journey, as you do.

So if you’re ready to supercharge your message, ignite your online brand and optimise your impact without the overwhelm… it’s time to let the magic begin.

Let’s not waste any more time. Let’s stop loitering and get you out there. It’s time to show the world you’ve arrived!


We can build your website in WordPress or Squarespace – it’s entirely up to you!


The Business Website Illumination Package

I offer a fresh new website design & build service. Up to 7 pages, built with love. With my branding & copywriting expertise, not only do you get beautiful design, but I can help you tweak your message, to engage your audience & inspire them to take action!

Your Investment £1,497


The Illumination Plus Package

Not only do you get a fresh new website design & build service, I’ll write the copy for you to save you time and frustration! Up to 7 pages, built with you & your perfect clients in mind, and with an eye on SEO and engagement, let me create the beautiful design & compelling copy you need to inspire the desire for your hire!

Your Investment £2,150


The Winning Website System

Let the marketing magic begin!

The Winning Website System is an ‘everything done for you’ solution, helping you with personal brand creation, website creation and copy creation – perfect for business owners who want to save time and headaches trying to figure it all out on their own, but understand that they need to get clarity around their message and a first class website NOW to elevate their venture to the highest level of impact & success!

Your Investment £2,997


The Starter Website

Built with love, on WordPress or Squarespace, we discuss your website vision, you supply the copy and I create the magic! Perfect for those needing a beautiful, engaging online home right now, that can be developed further, if desired, at a later date.

from £650



“ Claire is amazing at what she does and is so so helpful and patient. I’ve worked with lots of people for web design but I find Claire comes up tops.”

Julie Anne Hart, Leadership Coach

“If you’re looking for a talented, passionate and super helpful brand designer then Claire is your lady. She completely re-worked my website, gave me valuable brand guidance and got it all done in a really short timeframe”.

Jackie Handy

Managing Director, Runway Global