Hyacinth J Myers – The Branding Journey.

If you know my work, you know that I partner with clients helping them to uncover their talents, superpowers & uniqueness – shining a light on their innate brilliance, helping them build their brand and creating a winning website for them too, if desired.

The best way to show you how I work is to share a glimpse into the journey of one of my clients… and show you how we built her Brand.

Meet Hyacinth…

Hyacinth is an Author, International Speaker, Empowerment Coach and Life Strategist for women, helping those who have been through trauma, discover new freedom and happiness.

Hyacinth is an incredibly compassionate and understanding woman and I immediately felt how her calming personality could become an integral part of her brand.

Hyacinth is amazing at what she does, and has been featured in many respected publications, has been interviewed many times on radio broadcasts and podcasts and has even been interviewed on BBC Breakfast News.

The problem for Hyacinth was that whilst she had been visible helping in her community for years, even decades, and was getting excellent result for the limited number of women she worked with, as far as her coaching business was concerned, she felt scattered in her approach and whilst, she wanted to make even more impact, her business wasn’t taking off as she hoped.

We therefore set to work…

Hyacinth worked with me on my ‘Becoming Your Brand’ Programme.

We spoke about it and she was excited to create a soul-aligned brand that she was truly in love with.

We began with her completing my questionnaire.

This questionnaire delves deep, and from it I get a window into the soul of my clients and we begin a journey to create their brand.

Using the insights provided, I created the first ideas for Hyacinth’s brand. 

From our initial discussions & the questionnaire, I could define her values and her passions – what she feels purposeful about and why. Taking this I was able to offer 3 BIG ideas that could become the theme for her brand and the central message. Hyacinth meditated on these ideas for a few days, so that she was sure and the result? A powerful Theme:

discover your values

‘Stand Up For Your Soul’


Our Next Steps…

Once we had the theme that ran through everything, we could start creating the other elements from the perspective of ‘Standing up for your soul’.

We discussed Hyacinth’s own values, put them in order and then chose those which would make a powerful brand promise to her clients.

She then wrote her own PURPOSE STATEMENT, to remind her of her powerful ‘WHY’.

We then created a vision & mission statement for her Brand. The latter read like this…

‘To provide Compassion, Understanding and Non-judgemental Coaching and Mentoring to Groups and Individuals who have been through serious adversity so they may discover the Strategies and Support to move forward with their Soul Purpose and find renewed Inner Peace in their Life.’

hyacinth j myers

This statement incorporates key elements from Hyacinth’s values & Brand AND gives her absolute clarity around what she is here to do.

We then moved our focus to her ideal client…

We began to build the Hyacinth J Myers – ‘Stand Up For Your Soul’ Brand around women who have been through traumatic difficulties, but have had the therapeutic intervention and now feel strong enough to set a new path for their life. We wanted to make it clear with Hyacinth’s messaging exactly who she wants to work with, so there was no misinterpretation.

We therefore created her core messaging, compelling headlines and copy – diving into her clients’ pains, the language they would align with, and the transformation they desire.

The Brand Story…

Hyacinth J Myers Book

Hyacinth’s own life has been deeply & profoundly challenging in many ways (seriously, she had me in tears!) Her Brand Story could have filled a large book (and has!)… so I showed her how to hone the events of her life into a manageable piece of writing that not only revealed how and why she values what she does, but also was written in a way that teaches others valuable lessons for their life.

This piece of work gave her clarity around what to include upon the about page of her website and the teaching stories she can use when invited on podcasts, radio stations and elsewhere. She now has a brand story that she is clear about and which makes sense and fits beautifully into the central theme.

We then took a close look at her current products and services – realigning them to the new brand and re-naming them, where appropriate. We ensured she had an appropriate range, or product ladder, allowing clients to build trust in her as they moved towards her premium offers.

Finally, we talked about Brand colours and fonts, and imagery that reflected the brand feel. 

I designed a range of logos from which Hyacinth chose the ones she loved…

hyacinth j myers
hyacinth j myers

And Finally…

hyacinth j myers branding

We then created her social media headers and memes…

And then discussed her marketing plan, and put it all together in a Brand Style Guide for Hyacinth to refer to whenever she needed.


“Thank you so much for all your help and support doing your Brand Programme. All I can say is, your knowledge, patience and talent shines though. A professional and reliable service that gathered my thoughts as an out of the box creative and heart centred Entrepreneur.

The time of the programme allowed me to grow and integrate my ideas but also the copy I will now use to describe my Brand Story, Vision, Mission and so much more. Your gentle, kind and compassionate nature provides the feeling of creative freedom I needed. I look forward to handing over my Website Design to you in the future too. I am in deep gratitude for Souls like you in this world who really care about the needs of the client”.


– Hyacinth J Myers

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