Stop The Struggle & Start Converting Clients!

Is Your marketing In Flow?

Are you a coach or healer who is struggling to attract paying clients? You’re not alone. Many coaches & healers spend hours creating content in an attempt to attract leads, only to experience zilch, zero, nada.

‘Hit & miss’ marketing tactics just don’t cut it in a busy online world. You need a strategic system that guides potential clients down a clear path towards transformation, starting with the very first click!

This is where a professionally designed sales funnel comes in.


    • No more chasing leads. Your funnel attracts the right clients – you know who they are and they are ready to invest in themselves.
    • Automated lead nurturing. You build trust and relationships through valuable content delivered at the perfect moment.
    • Effortless booking of appointments. As you streamline your process and focus on coaching, not marketing.
    • Measurable results. As you track your success and optimise your funnel for even better conversions.

My Funnel Design & Build Service for Coaches Offers:


    • Targeted audience research: Together, we will define your ideal client and tailor the funnel to their specific needs and desires.
    • Compelling messaging: We will craft engaging copy that speaks directly to your target audience and motivates them to take action.
    • Conversion-optimised design: I will create a visually appealing and intuitive landing page or sales page that guides users seamlessly towards signing up or booking a call.
    • Automated email sequences: Nurture leads with valuable content and offers, building trust and anticipation.
    • Seamless integration: I will connect your web pages to your other apps & tools for a smooth user experience.
    • Ongoing support: I’m here to help you track your results and continue attracting ideal clients.

By Investing in a Professionally Designed Lead or Sales Funnel, You’ll:

    • Increase your conversion rate: Turning more website visitors into paying clients with automated marketing strategies.
    • Save time and energy: Focus on coaching your clients instead of struggling with lead generation.
    • Scale your business: Attract more clients and grow your income with a systematized approach.

Don’t just HOPE clients find you.

Ready to transform your online presence and finally land the clients you deserve?

Stop playing the guessing game with your marketing.

Invest in a funnel that converts and watch your coaching business thrive!

Sales Funnels: Let’s Break It Down

Sales funnels can vary considerably depending upon your business and marketing goals, but a sales funnel is a fabulous tool to engage & excite your ideal clients, giving them value, connection and a clear opportunity to grab your fabulous offers!

So now let’s take a look at  the main components:

The Lead Magnet

As a Coach, an email marketing list can be an incredibly valuable resource, providing easy access to a great big snuggly list of warm potential buyers who have already shown an interest in what you offer.

In marketing, we use what are called ‘lead magnets’ as a way of attracting and generating these warm leads, to build a list of subscribers, that can, hopefully, become customers further down the line. These lead magnets are free resources, such as ebooks, checklists or webinars that you create for your potential clients as a free introduction into what you can offer them & to showcase your awesomeness!

The Landing Page

Using a Landing Page we can attract your ideal clients into your powerful funnel. The Landing Page incorporates an opt-in form which collects visitor’s contact information. To encourage them to enter their details, we offer a high-value free resource in exchange, like an ebook.

Generating leads for your business is a necessary part of any marketing campaign. No matter your platform or channel, your ideal clients won’t convert themselves into potential buyers!

Having quality Landing Pages ensures you don’t miss opportunities to turn your website visitors into leads and ultimately, paying customers!

The Sales Page

You need a sales page that speaks directly to your ideal client’s heart, igniting their desire for your offer!

A cleverly crafted sales page, operating independently from your main website, can be strategically designed to optimize your monetary sales, through creating an irresistible offer to your ideal clients, and by beginning a marketing funnel that can lead to more sales down the line.

Long-form sales pages tend to be more detailed than a typical landing page and usually focus upon purchase of a paid-for product or service. As a rule, the higher the price of the offer, the longer the sales copy should be!

This page is informative in every way and is designed to engage, educate and persuade your ideal client to take action and buy now!

As you capture hearts with a story that showcases your offer through authenticity and expertise, you eliminate confusion and guide your audience through a clear, emotional journey that ends with them saying “YES!”

The Email Automation

Once you have a new subscriber, you have a great new way to connect with them via email by sending out automated emails and email broadcasts, using the email address you collected when they signed up for your freebie.

There are endless platforms & options available for you to you set-up your email automation, but once you have, remember this…

It’s important that over 70% of your emails are PURE CONTENT. That means, you teach, you share your thoughts, you tell stories, you provide VALUE for your readers. This is what builds trust. This is how to be endearing to people. They want to know about your life a little. Share about your dog, your kids, the annoying experience you had with getting your car towed. Share about your failures and how you overcame them. Share from your heart, share what you have learned, and share your expertise like crazy!

Email marketing is how you continue to build relationship and lead into your paid offers… and you can then do this at a pace and in a way that reaps the greatest rewards!

So are you ready to attract more clients to your coaching business?

Then contact Claire and book a call to discuss YOUR next sales funnel idea – TODAY!