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Proof-Reading for Coaches!

Do you pour your heart and expertise into every coaching session, blog post, ebook, hard copy book, course, presentation and email, only to worry about typos and grammatical errors undermining your message?

You’re not alone. As a coach, your words are your tools, and precision matters. Even minor mistakes can create a perception of unprofessionalism, distract your clients, and diminish the authority you’ve worked hard to build.

This is where professional proofreading comes in.


Clients who are fully engaged with your polished, error-free content.

Increased credibility and trust built upon your meticulous attention to detail. More time and energy focused on coaching, not editing.

Here’s what my proofreading services offer coaches like you:

Expertise in grammar, punctuation, and style consistency. I ensure your message is clear, concise, and impactful.

Sensitivity to your unique voice and brand. I maintain your authenticity while polishing your prose.
Fast turnaround times to meet your busy schedule. Get your content back quickly, ready to share with confidence.
Affordable prices tailored to your specific needs. 

More than just correcting typos:

Enhance clarity and flow. I ensure your ideas are communicated smoothly and effectively.
Catch hidden inconsistencies. I maintain brand consistency across all your content.
Offer optional feedback and provide suggestions for improving sentence structure and word choice.

Investing in proofreading is an investment in your professional presence and impact.

“Writing a book is a huge job and the creative process is very uncertain.  I had written 64,000 words of my debut book Bizology 101 and got to the point that I could not identify errors as I could not see for looking.  I was even asking myself – was it actually any good?! 

I needed an editor / proof reader that got me and I could trust.  Claire was my first choice as I have worked with her for the past 8 years and she knows my tone of voice and language, she has also worked with many of my clients and immediately picks up their energy and style. 

Claire came and sat with me for a day and a half and together we went through every chapter of the book and rewrote certain parts.  Having Claire next to me was worth its weight in gold and I launched my book safe in the knowledge that it had been thoroughly checked for grammar & any spelling mistakes and had been edited and proof read professionally.  If you are writing a book or a large document or website copy and need a second pair of eyes then get Claire to help you – you will be in safe hands.”

Thank you

 Jo xx”

– Jo Soley, Business Coach & Mentor at Bizology

Ready To Showcase Your Expertise With Confidence?

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Don’t let minor errors dim your shine. Let me help you radiate professionalism and empower your clients with polished, impactful communication.

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