Discover the Secret to living a fulfilled life and creating flow & alignment in your business.

First, Discover Who You Are

So when we want to build our own brand and a marketing strategy that feels completely aligned to ourselves AND our perfect clients, where on earth do we start?

Well the best place is a deep dive into ourselves…

The values vortex is a swirling mass of emotions that make up who we are and why we act the way we do. It is when we calm the storm and define our truth that the marketing magic begins… 

Get to know YOURSELF first

Then get to know your ideal CLIENT

Then match values & ALIGN

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Something’s holding you back from the deep fulfilment in life you want and deserve.

Something just doesn’t feel right.

This session is all about focusing upon those feelings, calming the storm and getting to the truth of who you really are.

This empowering session is about your VALUES.

In life and in business it is essential that we climb out of the values vortex and get clarity around our highest values so that we can live our truth in alignment and flow.

To value something simply means to place importance on it, but knowing what we value most, matters. Whether we value love in our life, honesty in people, loyalty or a sense of adventure the most, there are no right or wrong values, they just are…

We each believe that the values we personally hold are the only right and proper values to have and so we often expect others to adhere to our values (whether or not they share them).

However, as you can imagine, people can have vastly different value systems, which often causes disagreements and resentment… so this is highly important to realise in life, AND when building your brand. 

Operating your business congruently from a place of living your own values every day, will provide a sense of certainty, fulfilment and inner peace much more often, and more importantly for your personal brand, will allow you to express these values and attract only the people that share them!

discover your values

Choosing clear Brand Values is an essential part of operating your business – it is your promise to your clients. So in this fascinating session we discover yours.

Through fun and enlightening exercises we will gain clarity around what YOU value as an individual. From this you will discover what will create the ultimate fulfilment for you in your life AND what is holding you back from achieving it, so that you can address it and feel more fulfilment and joy!

And very importantly, we then continue the journey and discover which values reflect you as a business and we will formulate the best of these values, which you can use to propel your business forward and attract your perfect clients with ease.

This is an empowering and enlightening session that without doubt, is likely to 

Completely Transform Your Life!

Consists of :

Short pre-questionnaire

2 Hour Session by Zoom or in person

A Final Report


Investment  £297