With all of the ‘gurus’ claiming to know THE best & only way to truly grow your business, isn’t it time to realise that they can’t ALL be right?

I wonder if like me, you have paid big money for mentoring in the past that has turned out feeling like nothing more than a scam?

In particular I remember a time when I signed up to work with a fairly well-known business coach who promised me the world. The result was a forked out a straight £4K.

I was excited to find the way that guaranteed financial success as she had promised.

I went on her VIP Day and chose a new business name and then the problems began…

You see that coach had found HER way to success… and ALL she could teach was her way – Public Speaking.

The thing is I hated public speaking and even though I took steps to be brave and did it, as instructed, I just couldn’t maintain a strategy that felt so wrong.

A couple of years later I signed up with a company for even more £££’s and came to find that their strategy was the (boring and extremely expensive) art of social media paid ads. It took a whole ton of ad spend every month (over $1k) to get any results and I couldn’t maintain that level of spend for long enough to break through.

So another big fat waste of time and money. Not only that, as a creative, the whole process of analysing my marketing results was excruciatingly tedious to me!

I must admit, I’m not too risk averse, and am drawn to new adventures, but also I wouldn’t consider myself a walk over, or stupid and I have therefore learnt a very valuable lesson.

In truth, I think I have tried pretty much every ‘method’ of online marketing the gurus have had to throw at us. So here’s what I now believe…

All of those ‘strategies’ that are THE answer – webinars, funnels, blah, blah… No! They are not. Each one is a possible winner – but not for EVERYONE.

My advice would be to get real about who you are – your strengths, what you enjoy, your superpowers… and then pick a strategy that excites you and you feel drawn to and stick to that.

I’M GONNA DO ME – what feels good to ME – and master THAT.

And I recommend you do too.