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I did a Brand and Website Audit for a client this week, and thought I’d share my findings of the most common threads amongst so many of the websites I review, and hopefully this will help you too.

It’s really easy to get off-track when designing your website. Going for attractive is good but not at the expense of good marketing layout and copy.

When people find your website for the first time, are they WOW’ed? Is it impactful? Does the copy immediately speak to their desires?

Here are 10 top tips to help you create a great home page for your website – that gets visitors to take action!:

1. As you know, when people land on your website, they make a super-fast decision about staying (or not). You’ll likely get only 2-5 seconds of their precious time to make your impact. Seriously, people have the attention span of a gnat! So you need to engage them QUICKLY.

Therefore, make sure you make it very clear what you do and who you do it for, at the very top of your website, so they focus-in and take notice!

2. As they read on, you need to touch their emotions and build rapport and connection with them asap, to help them warm to the idea of working with you, whilst building trust that you are a professional and excellent at what you do.

So under your main header, have a compelling introduction, that speaks to your ideal client and the pain they are currently feeling and the transformation in their life or business they would experience if they used your services. You need to step into their world with them, and show them that you understand how they feel right now.

3. Think about having a photo of you or your team in the header as well – people like to see who they will be working with…

4. To further build relationship and rapport, add a short intro section ‘about you’ on the home page, leading to a full separate page with your complete personal brand story.

Here, telling readers why you are passionate about doing what you do and a bit about who you are as a person. Readers want to feel your personality seeping through and to feel emotionally connected to the values you portray. If they feel no connection with you as a person, they likely won’t feel particularly drawn to work with you – just kinda neutral – no pull.

5. As you go down the page, highlight some main areas you can help clients with – so they immediately know they are in the right place by being on your website.

6. Provide an overview of your Services on the Home page – clicking through to more detailed information about each. Think about adding prices. There are some who will say adding prices is not a good idea, but personally, I like to see prices on a website – and often if I don’t, I move on. So if you don’t have prices at the moment, you could try adding them to your website and test whether it gets a better response for you.

7. Add Social Media links so potential customers/clients can connect with you in other places and get to know you and your work even better.

8. If you enjoy writing emails, then add a Lead Magnet that your ideal client would love, linked to an email optin box to collect email addresses, giving you yet another way to connect and communicate with interested prospects.

9. Keep your visual brand colours and fonts consistent throughout your website and social media and other marketing. When they are aligned, your brand becomes recognisable. Also ensure that your colours are appropriate for your target audience.

10. Finally, I’d have a few of your best testimonials on the home page (as well as a button to a full testimonials page if this will be more persuasive) – third party endorsements work!

If you are thinking about uplevelling your business to a brand and website that sets you apart and gets you more authority and respect in your field, attracting more clients you can serve, then please feel free to contact me to book your free Consultation Call.

I’d love to hear all about you and your business ideas.
Email: claire@claire-smith.com