Discover the Secret to connecting deeply with your perfect clients through copy, & inspiring them to take ACTION NOW!

We tailor this session to YOU & your messaging Needs

You are amazing at what you do and your innate gifts are special.

You are ready to commit to your business success and have defined your perfect client, but when it comes to putting fingers to keyboard (or phone), you struggle with knowing what to say…

Perhaps it feels like posting on social media is soul destroying and even a waste of time?

Or you have a website but you just can’t get it working for you?

Or you need a sales page but you’re just not sure where to start?

Or you write emails for your list, but they just don’t get opened…

You know you are not connecting to your ideal clients in the way you hoped, but you just don’t know what’s wrong…

Website Copy

Social Media Copy

Blogs & Emails

Direct Sales Pages

how to write copy that converts
how to create copy that converts

Your copy is holding you back from getting the clients you want and deserve.

In this powerful package, we begin with a call where you tell me about you & your business, & what you think you need.

I then take some time to review your current online brand and plan our session – focusing upon YOUR marketing goals.

Then we get together on zoom and talk it out so that you come away with a clear plan and the copywriting clarity you need to make irresistible & compelling copy now AND you are equipped with the knowledge to continue creating great copy going forward in your business.

During this roughly 2-hour call I will share key factors around creating awesome copy and we will focus on your specific needs.

So if this sounds like a dream come true, then let’s get started and create some compelling copy & masterful messaging magic!

Simply contact me below!

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This is an empowering and enlightening session that without doubt, is likely to 

Completely Transform The Way You Write Your Copy!

Consists of :

Short pre-questionnaire & initial call to discuss your needs

Pre-session Brand Review

2 Hour Session by Zoom


Investment  £297