Meet Claire


From Life Purpose Coach & NLP Certified Practitioner to Online Marketer, Social Media Marketing Manager, Branding Consultant and Copywriter, I have a range of skills that help me to be of serious value to you…

Who am I? Whilst on the outside, I’ve packed in a good few years… on the inside, I’m still just a wannabe surfer girl, excited at what life may bring and loving the amazing adventure of it all!

I have a deep passion to grow & learn from everything I experience in life and this passion creates a feeling of deep fulfilment for me from which my energy and motivation flows.

I’m not profoundly spiritual, but I love the idea, definitely feel the vibe and I like to think that the Universe is looking after my interests – like a warm snuggly blanket lovingly tucked around me.

Like you, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of life, and as a single mum for the past 15 years, life has certainly provided it’s challenges. At times I’ve struggled like hell, at others I’ve succeeded beyond my expectations… I’ve lost myself over and again but each time I’ve found something exciting and new.

It’s the experience of this huge range of emotions that helps me to be a compelling writer.

I can go inside and sense the warm glow of remembered emotions and my zone of copywriting genius enables me to express those feelings as words – words that’ll mean something deep to your potential customers – words that will move them to action.

In my search for fulfilment I’ve skydived, trekked mountains and built schools in Africa. I’ve trained as a Life Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner and that’s not all…

I knew I wanted to make an impact… to really help change lives, so I made this my focus and took up the challenge.

I took the skills I had, and turned them to the greatest market place of all… the internet. 

I had a story to tell and value to share and I knew that this was the platform to do it. I joined the Digital Experts Academy and so my Online Marketing story began.

From paid advertising, to social media marketing and website building – I learnt it all, but over time I developed a fascination for  Branding, and directed my focus there – ultimately creating my own Branding Consultancy, Brandplosion.

I have a natural talent for helping others put together the pieces of their brand. And even more-so, I began to recognise I was most in my flow when I was telling these powerful and purposeful stories through written copy, creating a powerful emotional response within the specified target audience.

I have gone through several (paid for) Branding experiences myself, and I am fascinated with how I can help get passionate entrepreneurs and business owners noticed and loved, so that they can make their impact on the world whilst being financially rewarded for their contributions.

At the start of 2016, I was appointed Platinum Branding Coach at the Digital Experts Academy, coaching their members through creation of their Personal Brand and through my experience and dedication to this area of expertise, I still provide the guidance their member entrepreneurs need on their journey of self-discovery and mission, helping them to formulate a solid, consistent and authentic brand that looks and feels ‘right’ and inspires confidence, trust and connection between the entrepreneur and their customers.

My own brand has developed and over time I have realised that being true to my authentic self – and focusing upon my true passions & natural abilites, allows me to do my best work.

And with over 4 years working with clients, I was constantly complemented on my engaging ‘way with words’ and there came a light bulb moment when I knew that written communication was my zone of genius.

Whilst already successfully writing for attraction marketing, I then went on to study direct-response sales copy, to complete my tool kit, so to speak, learning from leaders in the field such as Dan Kennedy, Joe Vitale, Kaia Alexander, and John Carlton.

So today, I remain a Platinum Branding Coach for the Digital Experts Academy and I offer Sales Copywriting Services to entrepreneurs and business owners in my areas of expertise … for those who share my values and passions, where I know I can really make an impact. I want to work for good people doing important things that make a difference.

So if you are extremely passionate about creating a business that is not only financially successful but fulfilling through contribution and impact upon the world, then you are my perfect client.

Happiness in my work is extremely important to me – and I know it is important to you. I’d love to help you by being the magic behind your marketing message, helping you make your difference, through compelling copy that drives people to take action and buy, as I know they need what you have … and by helping you, vicariously, that means I’m making my difference in the world too 🙂

Claire Smith

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