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Today, the life coach in me is rearing it’s teaching head!

I want to talk to you about the limiting stories we repetitively tell ourselves, because if we’re not careful and aware, these stories will keep us stuck.

I wonder, do you have a story for why you’re not doing something? Why you’re not achieving?

Who or what do you blame for your situation? What do you tell yourself to get yourself off the hook of moving forward?

And what about your metaphors? Which one’s do you use?

Is life an uphill struggle? Are you trapped? Did someone kick you off your pedestal?

Without thinking, we use these metaphors but what we don’t realise is that the brain reacts most strongly to these pictures and symbols, and the pictures these metaphors and stories create in our minds can build strong internal beliefs that block us from moving through them to bigger and better things.

It’s possible to change one metaphor, and transform the way you look at your whole life.

I had a client and in her words, “her baggage was weighing her down”. Do you think that using that language with herself could affect the way she felt about her life?

I said to her “How about you stop right there and put the baggage down? Do it, take the baggage off your back and drop it down.” I then went further and said “How about you tie the baggage to a rocket and fire it into outer space – bye bye baggage!”

Once she’d imagined doing this, I asked her to come back into her body to see how she now felt. What do you think she said?

“Yes!” she said “I feel light and free!”. She said that she felt like she could move again.

We live in a world of metaphors, the problem is that sometimes we create beliefs out of these metaphors and their power keeps us stuck. Imagine if we convince ourselves that life is an uphill struggle, how would that make us feel? Would everything become hard work? a challenge?

How about if ‘we are trapped’? Would that cause anxiety? Or how about if you were always ‘banging your head against a brick wall’ would that hurt? or give you a headache?

If we adopt these metaphors as our own and apply them globally, it can affect our whole life & they make things seem far worse than they are! So become aware of the negative metaphors you use and drop them – ‘like a ton of hot bricks!’ Haha!

However, don’t forget that because metaphors are so powerful, positive ones can be extremely helpful in creating positive feelings and new belief.

How would it feel if your ‘life was full of hidden treasures’ or ‘life was a dance’ or perhaps life offered a ‘rainbow of possibilities’? How do you feel now?

So, choose your metaphors carefully, so that they work for you, not against you!

“Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates – You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get” – Forrest Gump

Claire xx