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Let’s face it, we all need to raise our samurai sword and slice free of procrastination at times…

Unless you are uber-excited to get a job done, it feels urgent AND you are confident you can do it, there is always the risk of procrastination creeping in like a stealthy ninja.

So should you ever find yourself faffing about getting nowhere fast, know that there are several keys to understanding your procrastination – understand when it happens, which will help you understand why it happens, and once you know that, you can take active steps to clear the clutter and get the job done!

So to be clear, we need to:

Notice WHEN it happens

Understand WHY it happens

Create NEW mindset and actions to achieve your goals & GET THEM DONE!


When do you procrastinate? What job or action are you avoiding by procrastinating?  Got it? Write it down…


Why are you avoiding this task or action? Is it fear of some kind? Is it because it’s overwhelming? Is it because you doubt the merit of completing the task? Does the completion of the task then mean more worry for you? Be honest with yourself and discover why you are avoiding the task. Then write that down…


There are many reasons why subconsciously, we avoid tasks, however here are 5 of the most common reasons and the solutions I have used to get the job done!…


To help you feel enthused to complete a task, you must relate that task to something exciting & compelling to you.

Think about what completion of this task will say about you…

Will you be an achiever? Will completion show that you have integrity? Will it be a step towards financial security for your family? Will it show you that you have control of your life? Will clearing this task make you proud? Is completion required for you to step into the person you are destined to be? …

Make the action you want to take MATTER. The key is to give completion of the task a bigger meaning and feelings that inspire you to GO DO IT!


It may actually be because of FEAR that you do not take the required action … because subconsciously you lack confidence or belief…

So ask yourself “What would make me feel confident to move this task forward?” … “What skills am I currently lacking?” … “Who’s help do I need?” … “What do I need to do first?” … “Where could I go for the help I need?” …

Once you have your answers, get the help, or learn what is required,  FIRST, and then completing the task will be a breeze! You simply need to step back and work out whats holding you back, and then write down and take the action steps needed to get you to a place of confidence and ease.


When working from your laptop or PC, it’s so easy to get distracted by Facebook notifications & new email notifications. If that’s you, make a habit of turning off all distractions first thing and restrict yourself to ‘catch up’ at specified times in the day only. Focus only on your one important task until it’s done, and add hours of productive time to your day!


When tasks are big, they can stop us in our tracks. I have found that the best thing to do here, is break the task down into smaller pieces and then schedule a piece per day. This way, each piece is manageable, and you feel a sense of achievement each day as a piece is completed and you move closer to your overall goal.


And finally, if there’s one single thing that has increased my productivity more than anything else, it has to be planning ahead…

I now plan my whole week, or even month in advance. I’m talking day-by-day action steps – clearly defined. This way, it not only takes away overwhelm, but provides overall structure to my day. The introduction of deadlines through specifying the day a task is to be completed also creates urgency and focus. Just try it – I think you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!