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If you’ve ever sat at your keyboard with a blank on ideas for content, then read on – help is at hand!

Blogs are great, and a fantastic way to share your expertise and personality for free. Use your blog to build relationships with fans and potential customers, and show them who you are and what you have to offer by way of life experience, know how and entertainment.

It’s a great way to get known and share yourself with the world!

But remember, writing randomly with no idea exactly who you want to attract to your blog isn’t the way to go! The problem with this is that you are throwing stuff out there and just hoping it fits.

The better way to proceed is to choose your audience…a specific niche, with whom you relate and have common problems, aspirations and interests. Get an idea in your mind of the perfect recipient of your content, and write for THEM. This way you can get really clear and write content that inspires them, speaks to their heart and soul and solves their specific problems in a way that they’ll thank you for…and as a result, they’ll keep coming back for more!

So here are my TOP 10 IDEAS for great blogs!

1. STALK OTHERS! – Get signed up to the lists of other popular leaders in your industry and save their emails …if they have lots of fans and they’re broadcasting great content, then it’s probably a good idea to keep them in a separate inbox folder for ideas and inspiration for the future – and great headlines ideas too!

2. TOP 10 LISTS are great! If you see a headline “Top 5 ….” you know you’re getting quick, easy-to-digest information, so human nature prevails and you’ll be drawn to it…and it’ll be the same for your niche – give them great info in bite-size chunks and they’ll be unable to resist!

3. CURRENT NEWS – what’s happening this week? Can you relate it to your niche? If so, write a blog about it! Add your opinions and personality!

4. YOUR STORY – Tell them part of your ‘story’ – a part that they will relate to. People love to hear real stories…particularly if they can relate it to their own lives. This is even better if you can show them how you broke through your obstacles and created success for yourself – everyone loves a come-back kid!

5. SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS – Get clear about the real problems your niche has. Research them and then find solutions for them. Or perhaps you already know how YOU solved a problem and you can provide them with an idea to follow. Problem solving is without doubt one of the best ways to create an enthusiastic and loyal following!

6. ‘HOW TO….’ stuff is great. Provide useful information that your niche will love. For example ‘How to write a great blog!’. Every time you learn something new and relevant – share it with your audience!

7. ENTERTAINMENT – share information that you find interesting about people, places, things! After all, if you enjoyed it, most likely your readers will too! You can add your opinions and personality and encourage feedback and discussion!

8. HUMOUR – We all love to laugh, so if you can find funny videos, pictures and stories that your niche will enjoy, you can brighten their day and they’ll want to come back for more!

9. INSPIRATION – We all want to be inspired, so find inspiring quotes by others and sharing a short piece about how this quote relates to your life, will be of value to others, as they relate it to their own life.

10. PROMOTION – If relevant, promote your product in a soft way, but no more than 1 in 5 blogs should be a promotion – no-one likes being continually ‘sold to’!  Your blog is about building a relationship with your readers, so they can get to know, like and trust you and the quality of content you deliver. Don’t spoil it by being over-pushy. If they like you, they will find their way to the rest of your website, so let them do it in their own time. In the long-run you’ll end up with happy customers who appreciate and trust you, and come to you when they’re ready to buy.

Much Love,

Claire xx