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My Personal Purpose

‘To confidently be there for others to give them the peace of mind and strength to understand how much they matter SO THAT they are deeply fulfilled as they find themselves appreciating a life of adventure’


My Vision

I envision a world where every person is emotionally free to embrace who they really are, connect fully with themselves, be fulfilled and feel loved & appreciated for their qualities. A world where we each have the emotional freedom to confidently and joyfully unleash our greatness, share our amazing gifts and passion for the greater good and experience prosperity.


My Mission

My mission is to help good people express their heart-felt message, accomplish important things, AND prosper financially through the power of the written word. As they succeed in their mission to change the world, so I succeed in mine.


My Values 


COMMITMENT – I am committed to my customers and their success. I set myself standards & I live by them. I recognise that I earn respect & success through my character and my consistent actions.

QUALITY – Quality results is what I aim to achieve every time I work with my clients. I do not wish to accept mediocrity or disappointment for myself or my clients.

FUN – I strongly believe that laughter is medicine for the mind and body and essential in keeping us healthy. In pursuit of happiness (and unleashing my inner comedian), I actively seek out the fun, humour & positive in any situation, and at all times search to give the events of my life the meaning that will empower me and bring me joy. I also look to do this for others.

CONTRIBUTION – I strongly believe that my success lies in the success of others. As I execute my mission with passion & dedication, I aim to empower the people who’s lives I touch. My success follows their success.

CREATIVITY – I am naturally creative (and yes, a perfectionist too) and will commit 100% to providing the best of my creativity when formulating outstanding work for my customers

INTEGRITY – I aim, at all times to present my opinions and experience with complete integrity, committing 100% to giving the best of myself at all times and helping others create positive change in their business and lives. I aim to speak my truth & communicate what is in my heart with kindness, but without pretence. I will reveal what feels true to me.

FREEDOM – I value freedom of mind and spirit in my own life. I actively seek to set my mind free of all negative beliefs and create a powerful mindset of certainty and self trust and passion, allowing me to take the action needed to fulfil my mission, live my purpose and be my very best at all times for myself and for those around me.

COURAGE – I am courageous. I am willing to push myself to do what it takes to grow in ways that assist me in reaching my goals so that I can be my best for those around me.

COMPASSION – I approach others with understanding. I do my best not to judge. I aim to show compassion & treat others with the same respect that I would want to be treated with myself if I were in their position.

PERSONAL GROWTH – I am dedicated to personal growth. I am fascinated by the world, it’s people, marketing & the written word and I recognise that the more I know and experience, the happier I am and the more knowledge I have that can help me serve.

ADVENTURE – I know what makes my heart sing and I consciously create time for such experiences.