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I truly believe that each one of us is worthy of a tremendous amount of love both from others and from ourselves. We are women and whatever our circumstances and whatever has happened to us in our lives, there’s one thing that is without doubt….each of us women were born to love above all else. You’ve come a long way, you’ve pushed through fear & you’ve been strong – it’s time to reflect and feel good about how far you’ve come and who you’ve become.

You see, when we love ourselves, there is a peaceful confidence about us, a sense of knowing that we are enough.

We have stopped fighting ourselves and instead we can feel our significance and we’re solid in who we are.

There’s a warm glow that radiates from us that others can feel….we become attractive to others because people feel safe around us, because we are who we say we are….we have nothing to hide….we are comfortable in our own skin.

I’m not talking about ego or vanity, i’m talking about appreciating yourself for your qualities and for the person you are inside and out and forgiving yourself as you would others.

You know, each of us have unlimited potential and we already have beautiful qualities, so we need to notice when we do things right – notice our strengths and notice our qualities.

The easiest way to do that is through regularly asking better questions, so that you can get the answers you need to feel good about yourself. Ask…

‘What do I do well?”

“What qualities do I have?”

“What am I really grateful for in my life?”

Ask yourself the questions that will get you the answers you need to empower you and help you feel really, really good.

Acknowledge yourself for your successes, don’t just let them go by un-noticed. Give yourself a pat on the back when you do it right – notice. 

You are beautiful in your own way. No need to compare yourself to others. You need to take the time to remember who you really are, what YOU value and then love and appreciate yourself for that. As women, we all worry so much about fitting in and what others think, when in reality we were each born to be unique.

Carry nuggets of your past successes to remind you of the many hills you have climbed & what you are really capable of – I think you’ll be surprised at what you have already achieved .

Remember, in your eyes, one woman may have more beauty or money than you, however you don;t know what lies beneath. Maybe she can’t have children…. maybe she’s in an unloving relationship…who knows… So make sure you control what and who you compare things to in a way that empowers you.

Don’t be forced to judge yourself based on other people’s standards of what equals success. Let go of the expectations of others, and find your own brilliance based on your own values. You’re amazing just the way you are, so focus on what you have that’s more and better.

One of the easiest and best ways to feel really good about yourself is to be a giver.

If you give love, you can’t help but feel it, and you’re gonna feel great about yourself.

Even if it’s just giving someone a smile, or a compliment to someone on the till at the supermarket, or smiling & holding a door open for someone. Just trying giving a bit of love to everyone you meet for one day & see how good you feel….I guarantee you’ll want to do it again.

To Your Beautiful Happiness,

Claire xx