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Hey Boss Babes!

We beat ourselves up for our imperfections, but for every one of us, it’s virtually impossible to achieve something great without failures along the way!

We all try so hard to look perfect… scared of the imagined horrors if we mess up, but it stops us from taking risks and making the mistakes that are an absolutely necessary part of our ultimate success.

Oprah WinfreyDo you think that success was easy for the likes of Oprah Winfrey, J.K.Rowling, Michael Jordan or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well, it wasn’t, but what did these people have that perhaps the unsuccessful do not? … belief that they would make it, patience, a passion that drove them, and an ability to keep going even when others had told them it wasn’t possible.

Your passion for your goal and your mission and your total belief that it will happen will empower you to push through the obstacles you’ll meet along the way and believe me, there will be plenty!

Passion will give you strength, determination and a perspective that embraces failure as part of the journey to success, giving you the learnings you need to get there.

Successful people see each failure as a very small part of the overall whole. They see failure as a blip…and more importantly, a learning experience that has given them further knowledge that will help them accomplish their dream.

Your ability to be patient, will allow your dreams time to materialise. So many others give up far too soon. They don’t keep on the same path long enough to give themselves the chance to find out that they can do it! I know, I’ve been that person myself.

My best advice to you as you start your journey, is get to know yourself…what do you want your life to be?…what are your big reasons for wanting to succeed? Get clear – crystal clear. Then use this passion to help you strive forward through the inevitable failures and the obstacles, and grow as a person. Be patient – good things come to those who wait. And be prepared to fail along the way – what seems a disaster today will pale into insignificance next week. Be brave then, one day soon you’ll look at your life and realise you have already arrived!

It’s Your Life. Make It Count!

Claire xx