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So what is that magic ‘je ne sais pas’ that lights the fire within and inspires us to go forth and share our passion with the world?

Is it money or status? Unlikely. These are given to us by others. The answer has to come from within… and ‘contribution’ – that feeling of making a difference, is key.

When we contribute from our heart to the people & world around us, when we unleash our purpose, we light up with such passion, that the work we are doing within our business crosses over from merely creating an income, to pure fulfilment.

Some benefits of this are obvious, as surely working on your business day to day will become far more enjoyable when fuelled by passion, however there is another reason and it’s specifically to do with your brand.

Your online marketing mission is to connect with your audience at a very personal level, build rapport and build relationships. So unless you have connected with yourself and have a deep love for what you are providing…unless you understand what drives you to do what you do, you will be missing a very important foundation to successful online brand marketing. 

We want others to share our beliefs. We want them to get to know, like & trust us. We want to inspire them & help them change the way they feel about themselves and their life.

And the beautiful result of your obvious desire to contribute and your positive energy about your business, is that people will feel your passion and will be naturally attracted to you – with no hard sell required!

Not only that…as you attract them via your message and provide the value they seek, the by-product is you can create the wealth you need to be happy and in control of your life.

So I wonder, could you turn your passion into a business? Do you have expertise that could help others?

You may think “there’s no way I’m an expert in anything”! … But thats not true.

We live in the information age, and there’s a new industry emerging, and it’s called the expert industry…

Career-wise, I am a qualified insurance broker, I’m a qualified garden designer, and a qualified tattooist, I’m a coach, but when it came to my online business, I didn’t need any of that…my expertise instead stemmed from my life experience…

In life, I am an expert at creating feelings of empowerment for myself and others…I am a mother…I am a business woman…I love adventure…I love branding…I love to write. All of these areas of expertise make my brand what it is.

I could have fulfilled my passions through my business by focusing on adventure holidays…or providing parenting advice to other mums, however, I chose to indulge my passions for branding, writing and design…that excited me most.

So consider what you are already an expert in…what knowledge do you have that others may not? Could you turn this into your business?

What do you feel enthusiastic about? What would interest you and be REALLY enjoyable to work on every day?

If you worry that you don’t have the technical know-how to start an online business, don’t worry as I’m here to help.

First recognise your passion and then figure out a way to turn that sparkling drive into a business where you can provide your value to the world. Once you are on purpose you’ll see that everything else will begin to flow naturally into place.

I absolutely wish you every success and can’t wait to hear about what you are going to do!

Please feel free to comment below!

Much Love,

Claire xx