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Claire Smith

‘The Magic Behind Your Marketing Message’

a creative, driven copywriter and virtual assistant, excited to help you make a difference

You’re a purposeful, caring entrepreneur or business owner, with passion, drive and a powerful mission…

but having to do the tasks that simply aren’t your bag, is seriously messing with your Chi?


Then now is the time to find yourself a copywriting queen who can provide the online marketing support you need, to maintain your consistent, strong & compelling online brand presence, that concisely communicates your powerful message to the world, whilst you focus on doing great work with the people who really need you!





Hate writing? Let me take away the overwhelm and make your sales pages, emails and website copy sparkle with purpose and persuasive power. Looking for a copywriting queen who can grab the attention of your perfect customers, engage them, inspire them, make them feel like the person they long to be and persuade them to buy? Then look no further…


Want a branded, outstanding and engaging website that helps tell your story whilst focusing upon your clients’ deepest needs? Let me create a gorgeous marketing masterpiece to entice and persuade your prospects, leaving them feeling inspired, valued and motivated for more!


No time for social media? No problem. Claire will take the time to get to know you & your mission and create knowledgeable, inspiring and when appropriate, humorous posts, to engage, educate and entertain the people who share your values, whilst you work your magic with the powerful stuff you love to do!

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Will You Make Your Mark?

Will You Make Your Mark?

It's something we don't talk openly about too much, but it’s certainly something we think about. From the mother who hands down her legendary Christmas pudding recipe, to the Uber driver who, despite having held a managerial position with a corporate giant for twenty...

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TRUST – The Holy Grail of Sales

TRUST – The Holy Grail of Sales

In a desperate attempt to gain the trust of prospective customers we often resort to simply telling them about our product’s features and benefits. Yet, whilst describing value might seem like the easiest way to communicate it, the simplest strategy isn’t always the...

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