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You’re thinking, “For @#%K sake! Why can’t I get the response I’d hoped for when I advertise my products and services on social media?”

After all, the products are great and you’ve gone to a truck load of trouble to list all the amazing features… AND offer a great price!

But within this sorry story lies a lesson…

Your customers decision to buy isn’t factual, it’s an emotional one.

And whilst features and a great price are nice, they rarely hit the emotional hot spot that triggers a decision to buy..

You see, features are fine, but, it’s the BENEFITS TO THEM that is all your customers really care about. So we need to tune into what they are thinking and we need to talk about stuff that really matters TO THEM at a deep emotional level.

We need to tell them a story about how getting on board with your products and services will make them feel like a king or queen.

We need to understand their drives, their pains, their dreams…

Your job as an entrepreneur & passionate woman in business, is to make the people you interact with feel good… feel hope… feel possibility… feel understood.

We need to tell them a brand story that they can relate to; one they can feel connected to and we need to build their trust through showing them that OUR story, is actually THEIR story too.

As human beings we feel drawn to people who understand us… people who resonate with our struggles…and share our dreams. We want to follow people who understand how it is for us, and who can show us how to improve our lives.

So telling your own story matters because it gives others that way to connect with you… to be inspired by you… to believe you can show them the path…

We need to show them how your brand will help them become the person, deep down, they really want to be and be the brand that helps them enhance that positive identity they dream of for themselves.

Great brand story-telling allows you to express what they’re already thinking and THAT is what builds rapport, relationships and ultimately sales.

Trust, belief and a vision of a powerful new and improved identity build customer drive and it’s that drive that leads to action and sales.

The moral of the this story?

YOUR story matters. So tell it!

Much Love

Claire xxx